One For The Ages

Six races in and we’ve found the likely candidate for most controversial incident of the season.

This is the big one.

It’s amazing how many comments were generated (377 and counting!) in just a short period of time after James Allen decided to blog about this incident (here).

Once again, it involves the old master Schumi, but most people seem to be on his side for a change.

Schumacher, Monaco, Rascasse…the perfect recipe for controversy!

My theory is that Schumacher will always be a polarizing figure, because of who he is, because of what he does, and because of how he does it.

Whenever Schumi is involved in an incident, it gets magnified a thousand times.

Love him or hate him, Formula 1 is a richer experience because he is around.

Words can’t describe the absolute delight on my face when I watched the last few moments of what was turning into one of those highly-forgettable Monaco snoozefests.

The race was pretty much concluded even before the halfway mark, when it was apparent that the drivers would not be making any more pit-stops, and the only thing of note was that Alonso had miraculously made his way up from last to 6th position by virtue of his decision to pit as early as lap 2.

Highly commendable.

Then came the spectacular Trulli-Chandhock crash on Lap 75 which provided a least a little bit of fireworks to the dull proceedings.

However, it sadly led to what we all thought was going to be the WORST possible way to end the race – behind the safety car.

Just that things got a little different this time.

And Schumi was involved.

I will never forget the moment when the safety car came into the pits, and Webber crossed the line, and they started flashing the real-time standings on the top corner of the screen as the cars made their way past the finish line.

The moment I saw that “MSC” somehow moved up to 6th and “ALO” dropped down to 7th, I knew something extraordinary must have happened.

And so it did.

The wily old master managed to nick a position from Alonso in his mighty Ferrari at the last corner of the race, after the safety car dived into the pits on the last lap!!!

Amazing stuff.

Not just because of who did the overtaking, but because of who was overtaken.

You could write an entire essay on the significance of that one move, what with all the history between Schumi and Alonso and Ferrari and Rascasse, and how that one slip-up could have major implications for Alonso as he fights for the championship this season.

I don’t remember being so delighted this entire season.

Definitely the most heart-warming moment of the season for me.

The old man’s still got it!

It’s never over till it’s over with Schumi.

I hope I don’t come across as a gushing schoolboy, but hey, this is the kind of stuff that we Schumi fans dreamt about when we heard that Schumacher was returning to F1.

It doesn’t get any better than this.

How often do you see Alonso in a Ferrari get overtaken in Monaco by a car which is slightly inferior to it?

Who else could have the presence of mind to pull off such an audacious move?

However, the sad end to this entire episode is that Schumi was given a 20-sec penalty for that perfectly legitimate overtaking maneuver.

As it is, quality overtaking moves are few and far between in Formula 1…and you want to penalise him so harshly for overtaking under green lights?!?

What kind of a message are they trying to send out?

The arguments are now all over the web.

I’ll leave it to you to read up on all of them.

As for me, I’ll just savour what could be the most enjoyable moment of the season for me.

This is one for the ages.

p.s. For Alonso, I just have one thing to say: This is payback for your ridiculous move on Massa in China.

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