Lest Too Light Winning Make The Prize Light

They’re playing “The Tempest” at the Esplanade these few days, as part of the famed The Bridge Project.

I don’t intend to go for it cos I’m not really a Shakespeare person, and I can’t really afford the tickets.

Now I’ve never read “The Tempest” before, but there’s one particular quote in it that I really like:

“They are both in either’s powers; but this swift business
I must uneasy make, lest too light winning
Make the prize light.”

These were the words uttered by Prospero, as he wanted to make things difficult for Ferdinand in courting his daughter Miranda, because he knows that if something is too easily-attained, then one may not treasure it so much.

Such a beautifully-put phrase.

Do you think this is true in all relationships?

Must one go through a hard courtship in order to truly cherish the relationship once he or she attains it?

If something comes too easily, will we cherish it as much?

The right thing to say would be that if it is a perfect match, then it doesn’t really matter how easy or how hard the courtship was…but I tend to think that human nature is such that we tend to cherish the things that we work especially hard for.

It’s as if you’ve put in a lot of yourself into attaining something, and you feel that because of your huge investment, the attainment of the goal is so much sweeter.

Sometimes if something comes along too easily, you’re tempted to go “Wait a minute, you mean this is so easy? It’s a cinch!” and you’re tempted to view it lightly.

Which then makes me wonder, are there people (both guys and gals) who intentionally play hard-to-get in relationships because they’ve read “The Tempest”?

Ok, I’m just kidding.

What I really mean to say is that are there people who intentionally play hard-to-get because deep inside they know that if they are “easy to get”, then the pursuer would not cherish them so much?

Whoever said reading Shakespeare was boring, ha!

So, what do you think – does too easy winning truly make the prize light?

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5 Responses

  1. Although this might be true to a certain extent, but sometimes do people really think they got what they wanted after the “hard courtship”?

    I think it’s the “after” part that means more, i.e. you both weather through hard times (as well as good times) which makes both of you appreciate each other better.

    Hmm…what do you yourself think?

  2. Yeah, like what you said, I do think that it’s the “after” part that makes people appreciate each other better.

    But I can’t help but believe that it’s hard for a person to truly appreciate something if it comes too easily.

    If today someone put you directly in the Senior Director’s position, it might not really mean as much to you as if you had to slog for fifteen years to get to that position.

    Similarly, if you were to receive a $100,000 cash prize today, you might not necessarily cherish it as much as if you had to work for five years to save that sum.

    Same goes for everything else in life, I guess…even relationships.

  3. yes, it’s kind of human nature.
    Although in some cases, I would be suspicious if it’s for real.

  4. Coincidentally, I read this in the comic strip section yesterday which seems somewhat relevant. From Baby Blues:

    “Most things are hard before they are easy”

  5. Yup, saw your Facebook status.

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