What Exactly Is An Egg?

In the world of 菜饭 terminology, what exactly is an egg classified as – is it considered a “veg” dish or a “meat” dish?

Has anyone ever thought about this?

I suppose all food can be classified as “veg” or “meat”…except an egg.

If you say it’s a “veg”, then er…I have serious problems rationalising how an egg can be a form of veg.

If you say it’s a “meat”, then er…I don’t exactly think an egg resembles meat in any way.

The only valid argument you could make is that an egg is “potential meat”.


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9 Responses

  1. I always considered an egg as an egg. Everytime I ask people to dabao for me, I always say 1 veg, 1 meat & 1 egg. So that the person won’t have problems buying for me. It’s easier for the buyer. He won’t ‘overbuy’ the meat or veg. All balance. Thanks to the egg. :)

  2. Nice one! I like your style.

    (But the question is – Does the stall owner charge egg dishes as a “veg” or a “meat”?)

  3. hey, my colleagues and me were just discussing this the other day and it seems that they classify it as a veg coz we were comparing the prices. but that was more like and egg omelette with vegetable filling.
    I’m not very sure, but does it have anything to do with how it’s used? Maybe because it’s more like a 配菜?
    But if it is a sunny-side up, is that a veg or meat?
    Or simply because the cost is low?

  4. Yup I think they would normally classify eggs as a “veg” because of its low cost, which isn’t a bad thing for us, to be honest!

    I’m not sure about sunny-side ups…but I guess they’re quite low cost too, so I think they should belong in the “veg” category?

    But of course, all this is based purely on COST. There’s no way an egg comes close to being a vegetable in the biological sense, ha! If anything, an egg should be more “meat” than “veg”.

  5. how come we determining what an egg is based on cai4 fan4 cost method?!!!

    apparently, eggs are of 2 types. One that has been fertilised and can give birth to chicken or other animals and the other that can be eaten but they don’t contain a live or dead creature inside it, so i suppose the former is non-vegetarian, the latter is .

  6. haha…this is beginning to sound like a chicken and egg question.

  7. Haha! That’s what this blog is set up for – to ask the questions that people seldom ask about. =)

  8. Estique: Er…you mean an egg can be considered a vegetable? Yah, maybe EGGPLANT can lah, hahahahahaha!!!!

  9. no, really. go google.

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