The Story of the Man At Sea

There was once a man stranded at sea.

He kept treading water to keep himself afloat, hoping that the Lord would save him from his predicament.

Shortly, a speedboat whizzed by and noticed this drowning man. Naturally, the speedboat driver offered to rescue this man.

“Thanks, but no thanks mate. My God will save me. I’m waiting for my God to save me,” the drowning man said.

The speedboat driver was obviously surprised, but since it was so apparent that this drowning man refused to accept his help, he decided to speed away, never to return.

Not long after, a large ocean liner sailed by.

The captain was observant enough to notice the drowning man, and ordered some of his men to lower a dinghy off the side of the liner to rescue him.

When the men in the dinghy reached the drowning man, he once again refused their help.

“No worries mates, you guys go ahead. I’m certain that my God will save me,” he said.

The men in the dinghy looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders, and headed back towards the ocean liner.

A few hours later, a helicopter arrived and noticed the drowning man.

A rope ladder was lowered down for the drowning man to climb up onto the helicopter.

Once again, this man refused the offer, and waved the helicopter away.

“My God will come save me soon!” he shouted.

And so the helicopter flew away.

Shortly after, this man finally drowned due to sheer exhaustion.

When he went to Heaven, the first thing he did was to question God.

“Why did you not come to rescue me, Lord?” he interrogated.

The Lord, with patience and grace, replied, “Well, there was this speedboat I sent, followed by the ocean liner and then the helicopter…”

I like this story a lot.

One thing which it reminds me of is the aspect of choosing a life partner.

Sometimes we are holding out and waiting for God to send along the perfect one, i.e. the girl (or guy) of our dreams.

We wait and wait for that special person to arrive, with a fixed notion of what the person will look like, and what the person will be like.

But what if God had already sent many suitable people along the way…just that you were too blinded to see it?

What if there isn’t just one perfect person, but there are many possible suitable life partners for you…and you’ve actually already met them in your life?


If the speedboat comes along, don’t reject it immediately.

If the ocean liner comes along, don’t reject it immediately.

And if the helicopter comes along, don’t reject it.

It just might be your last chance.

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3 Responses

  1. eh.i like this story. and u’re right… over the years, i realised the concept of the “perfect” person does exist. as u said, God sends many potentials in our lives..its really how much we want to work at having and maintaining a relationship with the other person, with love, patience and tolerance.

    My sis says relationship is really like pruning a plant, making it grow into a pretty, healthy “perfect” plant.

  2. btw..i mean.. “i realised the concept of the “perfect” person DOESN’T exist” – typo

  3. Good information. Lucky me I ran across your blog by chance (stumbleupon).

    I have book-marked it for later!

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